Signal Breakout Module

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In order to maximize data transmission rate, SA Instrument’s monitoring and gating systems send and receive densely packed data on the serial port to and from the PC.  A Signal Breakout Module is available to unpack the data and allow users access to the real time physiological measurements.  Data available from the Signal Breakout Module includes slow data such as heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, etc. as well as fast data including gates and waveforms.  The module has 4 channels.  Each channel has 3 outputs: analog voltage, gate bit and digitized serial.  All outputs are user configurable from a window in PC-sam.

The Signal Breakout Module can be used with SAII’s WaveGrabTM software to continuously capture the ECG, respiration or other waveforms and store the data on the disk.  The data file can then be imported into a spread sheet program for analysis.

The Signal Breakout Module also provides capability for a second remote display through a fiber optic output connection. The packed data which is output on the fiber optic connection can be converted to an electrical signal at a remote location, using a FORT Module.  The serial output from the FORT can provide input to a second PC.  This second PC has all the display capabilities of PC-sam without the ability to control the system.

Compatible with Models 11030, 1025, 1025L and 1025T Monitoring and Gating Systems.


Signal Breakout Module