ERT and ECG/T Module Power Supplies



New power supply options are now available to  power the Model 1030’s ERT Module and the Model 1025’s ECG/T Module in many MR installations.  Facilities that have a magnet in a RF shielded room can use these Power Supplies in place of the Battery Pack.

The Power Supply converts 12 VDC to 6 VDC with isolated grounds.  It has a small isolation transformer that operates in a magnetic field smaller than 100 gauss.  The fringe field of a magnetically shielded MR magnet is usually less than 100 gauss 2 to 3 feet from the magnet bore.  Power is delivered to the ERT Module using a long RF shielded power supply cable.

The Model 1030 ERT Module Power Supply is shown below.  The Power Supply for the older Model 1025 ECG/T  Module has a similar configuration.


Download the ERT Module Power Supply brochure