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SA Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells physiological monitoring and gating systems for use with small and large animals. SAII works closely with research scientists in major universities and bioresearch facilities worldwide to solve exacting problems associated with animal research.

The Model 1030 monitoring and gating system was developed specifically for use with anesthetized mice, rats and other small animals in the high field MR environment. The system operates with MR scanners at field strengths in excess of 20 Tesla for heart rates up to 900 beats per minute. With advances in molecular genetics and the description of the mouse genome, the mouse model has become extremely important for understanding and characterizing human genes and human disease.

Other monitoring and gating systems offered by SA Instruments include the Model 1025T for small animals in non-MR imaging systems and in the lab, the Model 1035 MR-compatible system for larger animals with heart rate less than 300 BPM, the Model 1040 for use with small animals in Magnetic Particle Imaging systems and several models that are configured for multiple animals in both MR and non-MR imaging systems. 

SA Instruments is the worldwide leader in preclinical monitoring and gating systems. Every major medical school in the world has monitoring and gating systems designed and manufactured in our Stony Brook, NY facility. Many of SAII’s customers are shown on the map below.