Fiber Optic Universal Gating Module

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The Fiber Optic Universal Gating Module and Clinical Interface Kit can be useful in supplying a gate to clinical imaging systems.  The module gets an input from the fiber optic AUX GATE OUTPUT of the Control/Gating Module.  The fiber optic pulse is converted to both low level (2 mV) and high level (TTL) output pulses.  The imager’s clinical ECG cable can be connected to the ECG studs on the gating module to feed the low level gate to the imaging system.  Alternatively, MR scanners with an auxiliary input gate can use the TTL pulse from the BNC connection.

The module is non-magnetic and RF shielded, so it can be located in the magnet room. Power is supplied from a 9 V battery. The module has both power on and low battery indicator lights.