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Service Options

I - Service Contract: covers parts and labor for failure of system components except accessories.  Software upgrades free.  Discount on accessories 15%.  Repair time a few to several days.

II - Service Contract with Loaner Equipment: service contract listed above with necessary loaner equipment during the repair of your equipment.

III - Time and Materials: test and inspection fee applies plus parts and labor for making necessary repairs.  Repair time is a few to several weeks depending on availability of parts.  Software available for a fee.

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Technical Tips

Click on the red gate indication in the Cardio Sweep and/or Resp Sweep portion of the display to place the gate indication directly on the waveform. When the red box is clicked, it changes color to green and the waveform changes color to indicate the timing of the gate. Clicking the white output gate indicator works in a similar manner. 
R-detect markers - PC-sam software (version 5.12 & later) automatically draws lines on the ECG waveform to indicate the three points that satisfy the R-detect gate. The three lines appear when the R-detect window is open as long as gates are generated. This is a very useful tool in setting the slope criteria for optimal ECG gating. 
The R-detect blanking period can be a very useful tool to eliminate false gates caused by interference in the ECG waveform. >> Download the gating setup file for details. (PDF - 7kb)                                               
The small rectal probe is delicate and can develop cracks in the tip. The probe, which measures temperature using a small voltage, if cracked can create an offset voltage in the ECG waveform.  If the offset voltage is large the ECG waveform becomes a flat line and an "ECG Leadoff" error is reported. To identify that the error is due to a defective probe, disconnect it from the ECG/Temperature Module. If the offset voltage reported in the SYSTEM INFO window become +2.5 V +/- 1.0 V the probe is defective.  A cover for the rectal temperature probe can be used to insulate a defective probe. 
Probe covers designed for digital thermometers are available from most drug stores or from SAII. Place the cover over the probe and apply a small amount of lubricant before insertion into the rectum. 
Test the ECG Module’s Battery Pack and cable by holding the ECG Module and Batter Pack with one hand so that the Battery Pack connections are visible. Connect the Battery Pack Cable with the other hand and observe red light in the module’s fiber optic port. Gently move the cable at each connection. Any interruption of light from the fiber optic port would indicate a potential short in the cable or connections.